Past Projects

 The Break of Noon-Neil LaBute

Performed at The Assembly Theatre, Toronto

Neil LaButes

'The Break of Noon'

"What if God told you to be a better person but the world wouldnt allow it?"


John Smith is the soul survivor of a terrible tragedy. We follow John as he tries to navigate through his life and relationships with his newly found faith, to discover why. 

'The Break of Noon showcases Neil LaBute at his discomfiting best.'

 Adult Entertainment-George F. Walker,  Toronto Fringe Festival 2017

Performed at The Tarragon Theatre, Toronto

George F. Walker’s


“You’ve made your bed, now lie in it…”


Sex, liquor, secret deals, fist fights & perhaps even love. In an anonymous room of a ‘suburban motel’, a lawyer, two cops and an estranged wife find themselves in a situation far worse than any of them anticipated.

Get up, go to work, come home…to what? Day after day, trying to be good, fighting incessant mundaneness; the facade of forced suburban niceness is fading fast.  

One action starts a chain of chaotic events that leads to Max, Donny, Jayne and Pam finding themselves in a situation far worse than any of them could have anticipated. 

Cops, lawyers, husbands, wives, truth and lies. Sex, liquor, secret deals, fist fights and perhaps even love. You never know what your going to find behind the door of a motel…

 Den of Thieves- Stephen Adly Guirgis

Performed at  UNIT 102, Toronto

 Stephen Adly Guisgis'

'Den of Thieves'

Maggie  (Amanda Armagon) is a shoplifter looking to change her life. Paul (Chris Whitby) is her sponsor in a twelve-step program. Flaco (Michael Eisner) is her charismatic but jealous drug-dealing ex-boyfriend. Boochie, (Melanie Pyne) Flaco's girlfriend, is a topless dancer. When this unlikely squad ban together to steal $750,000 in unprotected drug money they become prisoners in a mob boss' basement. Told that they have until sunrise to choose one person to die and three to donate their thumbs, the four engage in verbal gymnastics as they struggle for self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love in a high-octane battle for survival.

Toronto 48hour Film Project 2015 

Skunkweed- Eric Bogosian Toronto Fringe Festival 2015

Skunkweed, Triple ByPass Productions, Eric Bogosian, Chris Whitby, Amanda Armagon, Melanie Pyne, Tj Cheslea

Performed at Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto

Eric Bogosian's 


Come and join us in the Sunshine State this Fringe as Triple ByPass Productions tackles Eric Bogosian (Obie award winning writer of Suburbia and Talk Radio) to bring you a story of unexpected love and hooliganism. Everybody wants what they can’t have; Jerry, a screenwriter from Los Angeles, is stuck in a failing marriage and has just been dumped by his mistress. He travels to Florida in an attempt to soothe his aching heart where he meets Jo-Ellen, a bored cashier waiting on the street corner for a ride home from her brother. When these two end up back a Jerry’s hotel room, the consequences of their arrangement are as unpredictable as they are funny and poignant. A knock at the door the next morning introduces Jo-Ellen’s rural Florida clan; her over protective brother Chet and his side-kick Boner, Chet’s wife Christine and their baby, as well as Boner’s peculiar girlfriend Rainbow. At first resenting Jerry for his seemingly glamorous life, the clan terrorizes and interrogates Jerry, intent on claiming their cut of the ‘American dream’. Can a successful LA Screen Writer and a Daytona Beach Cashier at Books-a- Million have anything more than a one-night stand? How does their affair affect the people closest to them? Why do hotels get away with gauging at the mini-bar? Find out in SKUNKWEED. 


"Bright and sunny Florida. Go there for a vacation to get away from it all; but never meet the locals. Eric Bogosian, winner of three OBIE awards, explores the clash of cultures when a screenwriter from LA gets involved with the wrong Floridians in this dark comedy."


The End of Civilization- George F. Walker

Triple ByPass Productions, TJ Cheslea, Chris Whitby, Melanie Pyne, Amanda Armagon

Performed at Fraser Studio's, Toronto

George F. Walker's

'The End of Civilization'

What happens to suburban privilege and entitlement when the rules of “civilization” no longer apply? When “working hard” and “being a decent person” takes you from the front of the line to the soup kitchen line?  In George F Walker’s “The End of Civilization,” we bear witness to the collapse of a suburban family’s safety net as they crack under the pressure of one too many #firstworldproblems.  A housewife terrified of missing a mortgage payment turns to prostitution... After 2 years of job hunting, her depressed husband starts killing the competition. His reasoning? “Ass kissers deserve to die.” And then someone starts putting bombs in dumpsters... Things could literally explode at any moment!

Triple Bypass’ exciting new production of this seminal play from the “Suburban Motel” series draws its inspiration from the hyperbole of its title: like an all-caps doomsday headline ripped from the Sun’s front page that inspires fear, panic, intrigue, and maybe a few laughs amongst the sheltered masses of suburbia... The company infuses Walker’s already ferocious text with over-the-top pop culture references of pulp fiction novellas, noir comic books, and B-movies full of “ladies of the night,” “bad cops” and tabloid captions like “Sex! Violence! Unemployment! Minivans!” 

People will die, marriages will implode, morality will disintegrate - but hopefully, the mortgage will still get paid...


Riding the success of their inaugural production, ‘Savage in Limbo’, Triple Bypass Productions is extremely proud to present George F. Walker’s ‘The End of Civilization’ from his Suburban Motel series. George F. Walker is one of Canada’s most prolific playwrights, and also one of the most widely produced Canadian dramatists. He has written over thirty stage scripts as well as TV and film scripts. In 2006 Walker was made a Member of the Order of Canada, and in 2009 he received the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.

Savage in Limbo- John Patrick Shanley

Triple ByPass Productions,

Performed at The Storefront Theatre, Toronto


John Patrick Shanley's

'Savage in Limbo' 

The setting is a slightly seedy bar in the Bronx, where a group of thiry-something regulars seek relief from the disappointments and tedium of the outside world...

In John Patrick Shanley's touching and edgy comedy, three former grade school classmates find themselves at a run-down Bronx bar presided over by a bartender who habitually waters his dead plants. As they try to figure out how to change their mostly empty lives, circumstances (and one another) conspire to keep them exactly where they are. This is "a funny and penetrating story where everything and nothing happens, where "alone" can be the cruelest or most freeing word of all."  EventSource(


Triple ByPass Productions
Triple ByPass Productions